Needs a space

To express

Heart’s desire

Untouched thought

A hidden wish

To fulfill

Life’s purpose

Everlasting dream

Just An Illusion

Eva Sim-Zabka is an expressive abstract painter who creates contemporary art in acrylics and mixed media.

She is known for her large canvases filled with spontaneous, fresh, colorful art with a lot of texture. She paints intuitively and allows herself to experiment a lot during the creative process. Her art evokes emotions. Viewers are fascinated by bright colors and vibrant energy.


As a formal psychologist Eva Sim-Zabka was always interested in creative self-expression. Art seemed to be a perfect playground for her to continue the journey. She loves to help others to do the same. Thru her innovative style, unparallel sense of humor and love to explore new ideas, she guides others to improve their artistic skills, strengthen the sense of self, and access the courage to move beyond what they know is possible. The result is more freedom, playfulness and satisfaction.

Eva Sim-Zabka was born in Poland. After college she moved to Germany and then to Austin, TX in 1998. She is an active member of Creative Arts Society. Her work was juried into several shows with CAS and won awards. She has been invited to display her art in California and Europe. She enjoys painting full time and is thriving in her new career.

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