People say don’t be naïve

Still am

Tried hard to live a proper life

Not for me

Prefer to laugh

To hug moments that don’t last

Only memories to keep

Maybe never real

So what

Who said we have to own what we dream of

Dreaming is free after all

A friend said

Some people break our heart

Others give us wings

I’m grateful for both


Life is not to be taken for granted


Life is to be present to


I met someone who gave me wings

This time

All I want

Is a place with sunsets

So intense

I silence my thoughts


A friend to share them with


Say nothing

We are connected

Through the colors of the passing day


Time is an illusion

Colors are real

We are real

Share my illusions


I like being everything

Don’t be afraid that

I’ll steal your dream

I have my own


Don’t think that I’ll outrun you

I move at my own pace


There is nothing that can be stolen from your heart

There is no competition

to who you are


It would be so much easier

to join hands

And to co- create

Between your smile and mine

I know

There is a space

For us

For what will be


Don’t be afraid

I’m here


I’ll not wait


I have a simple heart

It feels the space between the words

I knew your love doesn’t fill the space

Empty words , many words

Don’t  nourish my soul

I rather be alone

Than just fine with you

Share what is yours

And you will discover

That nothing truly is



Same song

Same word


Same desire

To live a fulfilled life


Same dream

To matter


Same need

To last


Please share what is yours


I need your songs

I need your words


Same dream


Unique expression




Old Bakery & Emporium Gallery Exhibit, Austin, TX - December 2018

Moment , acrylics

Not For Sale

Benched, SOLD

Woman in Colorful Hat

Woman In A Colorful Hat